Student safely is our top priority at Harlow's.Harlow’s School Bus Service has been family owned since 1973. Our mission is to transport each and every student safely everyday – no exception.

Harlow’s School Bus Service excels in providing excellent customer service. We make it a priority to provide students with a safe and enjoyable experience to and from school. Student transportation is an extension of the classroom, it is imperative that each student is provided the best school bus experience. Harlow’s believes that student transportation consists of transporting “precious cargo”. Each driver must take every precaution and action to ensure the safety of his/ her passengers.

Along with standing on its Core Values (Safety, Leadership, Advocacy, Integrity, Compassion), Harlow’s believes in providing customers the best, to ensure the safety and efficient student transportation.

Harlow’s transports close to 23,000 students every morning.

Harlow’s was ranked as one of the top 30 contractors in 2018-2019.